My View On Yoga

I believe in...




I believe in freedom, in equality, in love. I believe love far exceeds our limited human understanding. I believe love is derived not from the thinking mind, but from the heart. I believe love transcends gender, age, religion and nationality. Despite the human condition to fear its power, I firmly believe that love prevails. Love always wins. Always.

In my teaching, I honor anatomical differences. I believe each bone, each muscle, each body is unique and has a different story to tell. I do not focus on how you should look the same in a pose as the person next to you, but I encourage you to ask yourself where you feel the pose in your body. I point out target areas and invite you to explore and deepen your self-knowledge, both physically and energetically. I choose this functional approach so the practice becomes personally beneficial for you and your body. Dedicated to creating a space for all to feel welcomed, I hardly use Sanskrit terms or complex anatomical cues, and I offer options to take each pose up or down in challenge level so you can cater your practice to what you need that day. In my class, yoga is truly for every body.

I love martial arts, I meditate and I practice yoga. I believe in the harmony between engaging and letting go. I experience moments where I am a roaring warrior and moments of being a peaceful yogi. I have wandered through forests and I have strolled alongside oceans. I continuously meet special, crazy, unique people who are all beautiful in their own way. I feel every emotion, sometimes all at once. I have loved and still love every second of it. At all times, every cell of my body vibrates with an inspiring aliveness I can’t help but witness and share. As I grow older, I realize more and more how we move through polarities - celebrating the highs and learning from the lows. Like waves, they all come and go. When I practice yoga, I pause, close my eyes and exhale deeply. I hear the soft beating of my heart, the smooth pulsation of my breath, and allow it all to bring me home; home to my true essence, my core self.

to explore beyond the corners of your mat. To let go of confinement and enter the realm of true freedom. Moving, twisting and breathing in every direction you desire. To explore every angle of the spectrum and create a spaciousness that can exist outside of it. To be big and bold and free. To unconditionally fall in love with life.

To passionately celebrate being you.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

–Dr. Wayne Dyer