Yoga Classes

Yin-Style Yoga

Yin Yoga:

A nurturing blend

of peace, release and spaciousnes

This is a deliciously deep, meditative and reflective practice in which floor-based poses are held for an extended period. It has profound physical, emotional and energetic effects. On a physical level, Yin targets the deeper layers of the body, nurturing the connective tissues, joints, energetic levels and bones. During challenging or busy times in our lives, our emotions can drain our bodies of energy and cause a build-up of anger, worry, sadness and even extreme excitement. These emotions can have a toxic effect on the overall functioning and health of our systems. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that each of these emotions are processed by a specific organ in our body. Fear is found in the kidneys, for example, stress lives in the liver and sadness is associated with the lungs.

On an energetic and emotional level, Yin Yoga improves your sense of wellbeing by removing toxins and blockages. Yin practice allows energy to flow more easily and free through the different energetic channels (meridians) in your body. As a result, you can experience improved organ health and emotional balance. In essence, practicing Yin Yoga simply feels really, really good!

Restorative Yoga:

A calming blend

of deep rest and renewal

This peaceful class is deeply nurturing and profoundly restorative. With the support of props like blankets and bolsters, the space invites you to easily surrender into deep relaxation through grounding and restorative floor-based poses. You will experience a deep sense of wellbeing and calm through a well-balanced mix of guided meditation, breathing techniques, soft music and silence. You will leave the mat feeling refreshed on a physical, mental and emotional level. This class is highly recommended for injury, anxiety and stress recovery.

Yang-Style Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga:

An uplifting blend

of power, soul and energy!

During a vinyasa class, you will flow from pose to pose while linking breath and movement. This style encourages you to actively shift away from your mind and into your body. In this well-rounded class, you will explore a sense of freedom in your body and mind. Through a joyful and upbeat sequence, you will explore your limits while building strength and flexibility in all areas of your body. The space always honor self-acceptance, compassion and joy as you find your own balance between effort and ease. You will leave the mat feeling empowered and energized!

TerraWave® Yoga:

A playful flow

on a balancing board!

This unique experience takes place on an Indo YogaFit® Balance Board! This uplifting class is designed to stimulate you to more consciously connect with your core, find focus and build your strength and flexibility. The class flows like a wave: starting on the mat, you will move through breath work and seated stretches toward a standing core flow on the board. Moving fluidly, you will be encouraged to let go of whatever is holding you back and experience a unique sense of freedom and empowerment. You will then wind down through longer-held seated postures back on the mat, completing your experience with a blissful savasana to enjoy the afterglow of your practice. This class will leave you feeling energized and open. It is highly recommended for those recovering from shoulder injury, since the flow focuses primarily on legs and core!

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